Diditopia Games

Based in Basel, Switzerland
Founded on September 1, 2021

Release dates
Demo - July 2023
Early Access - Q1 2024
Full Release - to be announced


Console - to be announced


Regular Price
to be announced

Description (Short)

Plank Builders is a captivating yet relaxing construction game. Magical marbles have the ability to make stuffed toys come alive. Together with the monkeys, the player can plan and construct different buildings made out of small wooden planks. Find all the monkeys and help them to come alive too!

Description (Long)

Enter an enchanting world where magical marbles have the extraordinary power to bring plush monkeys to life. Together with these playful companions, you'll embark on an exciting adventure, constructing amazing buildings from small wooden planks.

Look forward to an exciting journey of discovery, where you will have to track down and reach every hidden plush monkey in the room. But there's a special challenge - you can't touch the floor! Strategically lay out plank paths and build increasingly sophisticated structures to reach every single monkey.

Immerse yourself in the serene world of Plank Builders, a construction game that evokes the nostalgic joy of childhood. Let your creativity run wild, awaken all the monkeys and transform the room into an oasis of your imagination.


The roots of the game idea came from our childhood. Like many others, we used to build our worlds in our childhood bedroom or living room using wooden planks. After we created the world, we played in the room using our imagination with stuffed animals and other figures.

Looking back at these experiences, we had the idea of trying to capture this feeling of complete immersion as a child in a peaceful play world through digital realization.
It is important to emphasize that in imagination, through digital realization, the fantasy can be experienced exactly from this particular perspective, as it would envision as a child.

For example: as a child, you built a house out of blocks for stuffed animals and imagined how the stuffed animal was going to live in it. In the digital space, you are now in a position to experience the constructions you have made through the avatars, which are controlled by the players.


Construction with wooden planks

Sandbox campaign

Miniature, child room setting

Problem-solving, reaching new areas through construction

Teamwork, stuffed toys work together

Resource management

Relaxing, wholesome, peaceful environment


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Events & Recognition

"GDC22 Pitch"
"Participated at Swiss Games GDC22"
"European Game Show GDC22"

Support & Mentoring

Financial Support
Pro Helvetia

Swiss Game Hub

About Diditopia Games

We are an indie game design studio located in Basel, Switzerland. Our goal is to establish an independent game design studio where we develop and release game projects.

Besides our dream of an independent game design studio, we also wish to promote and add to the progress of creating the game design industry in the area of Basel. Our two-person studio is
currently working on the following projects: Plank Builders, our former BA Project, and The Thief Of Homburg, a cooperation project with the archeological institution of Basel-Country.


Mathis Ebner
CEO, Programming, Gamedesign

Jonas Müller
Artist, Storytelling, Gamedesign

Manuel Wülser
Partner, Music

Samara Keller
Partner, Fontdesign

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