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Based in Basel, Switzerland
Founded on September 1, 2021

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“Plank Builders - Relive Childhood Memories” is a peaceful construction game, which takes the player on a journey back to their childhood. Magical marbles have the ability to make stuffed toys come alive. Together with the stuffed toys, the player can plan and construct different buildings made out of small wooden planks. With these constructions, the player can reach new areas, magical marbles and stuffed toys.


- Miniature, child room setting -

- Construction with wooden planks -

- Problem-solving, reaching new areas through construction -

- Team work, stuffed toys work together -

- resource management -

- relaxing, wholesome, peaceful environment -


The roots of our game idea came from childhood. Like most of us, as children, we used to build our own worlds in our bedroom or living room with various construction planks. After we created the world, we played in the room with our imagination using stuffed animals and other figures. 

Through this, we had the idea of trying to capture this feeling of complete immersion as a child in a peaceful play world through digital realization. It is especially important to emphasize that in imagination, through digital realization, the fantasy can be experienced exactly from this particular perspective, as it would envision as a child.

For example: as a child, one builts a house out of blocks for stuffed animals and imagined how the stuffed animal was going to live in it. In the digital space, you are now in a position to actually experience the constructions you have made through the avatars, which are controlled by the game players.



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About Diditopia Games

We are an indie game design studio located in Basel, Switzerland. Our goal is to establish an independent game design studio where we develop and release  game projects.

During summer 2021, we decided that it was the appropriate time to take the risk of starting our own company. Both our personal and financial obligations are minimal and we have a very good perspective to start a start-up. Only time will tell how far we will come and if it will work out. At the moment things are very good and we hope it will stay that way. 


Mathis Ebner
Programming, Gamedesign

Jonas Müller
Artist, Storytelling

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